TRENTO - Renzo Piano - Muse
POVE DEL GRAPPA - Piazza degli Scalpellini
GALLIO - Municipio
VENEZIA - Resort Isola Sacca Sessola
BASSANO DEL GRAPPA - Scalinata Resicence Due Mori
OLBIA - Complesso immobiliare Serenissima
VERONA - Restauro complesso monumentale tomba Giulietta


With the different types of materials that we have, we can guarantee countless color combinations.
You can make floors yellow, red, beige, green, brown, pink, white, grays, blacks. With either uniform or veined marble, checkerboard floors and open book.
The floors may be for either the inside with the realization of smooth and glossy surfaces brush, which for the exterior with the achievements of sandblasted bush hammered and flamed.